A.L.C. Resort 2014.

I believe the key to a perfect wardrobe is investing in great staples. I understand that sometimes thinking of staples can seem a bit, well, boring. Basic white tops, basic dark jeans, basic cardigans, it's all so - basic. Thankfully, Andrea Lieberman - designer of A.L.C. makes the most beautiful modern basics that add perfectly to any existing wardrobe. Lieberman's pieces are great to mix and match among each collection and are a modern, elegant take on the everyday basics. I don't think there has been a collection from Lieberman that I have not liked. Her A.L.C. Resort 2014 collection is fabulous. Elegant pieces that can be worn daily with little surprises like open backs with simple bralike straps as so one does not feel overexposed - it's the perfect amount of exposed skin without being, risqué.   

These are my favorite looks :  



The whole collection is perfect to me so it was difficult to pick my favorites. I wish I could own all of them. The styling is great too, very easy and chic.  

Check out the rest of the looks, HERE.