Minimal Luxury | Larsson & Jennings

Currently my favorite accessory, gold faced watches.

I wear a Michael Kors watch that my parent's bought for me a while ago and it's starting to get a little beat up since I wear it almost daily. My perfect upgrade would be any of these beautiful watches made by Larsson & Jennings. Dedicated to combining classic British elegance and aesthetic with Swedish minimalistic design.

The watches have a minimal luxury to them which I absolutely love. Classic gold faces with leather or chained wrist straps. I'm seriously obsessing over the black & gold face with black leather - it's the perfect watch. I also love that it has a larger face - giving it a bit of a masculine feel which I think works really great for most wrists.

Larsson & Jennings |

Larsson & Jennings |



Saving up for one of these beautiful watches - I hope I can purchase my own soon! Accessories with a gold bangle and some skinny gold carbird rings, you'd be good to go!

Check out more of Larsson & Jennings and shop for your own watch HERE. They post some beautiful images over on their INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT as well so make sure to follow and double tap on pretty images like this one.