Beauty | Perfume • Spring Edition

I am an avid perfume collector. I love trying new scents but I am pretty keen on keeping my favorites at hand for everyday use. I tend to sway more towards lighter scents with fruity notes - they just feel young and they don't overpower me. Touches of citrus and vanilla are my absolute favorite. I stay within that sweeter side for daytime but for night, adding a touch of musk for a richer scent is bold and wonderful.

These are my favorite Spring time scents...


one: Trish McEvoy Number 9 | Absolutely adore this scent. It's my number one favorite at the moment. The Blackberry and Vanilla is subtle but delightful. A great everyday scent to wear. If you want something a little deeper, the Number 9 comes in a sexy edition which would be great to add on at night time and layer over the Number 9.

two: Chance by Chanel | Chanel is definitely a girls best friend and this scent is a great addition to your beauty routine. Very light with a subtle flower scent. Perfect for Spring.

three: L'Eau du Trente-Quatre by Diptyque | A beautiful sophisticated scent and new interpretation of the Original 34 boulevard St. Germain scent. Said to mimic the greenest notes of seasons change on the lovely boulevard with some of the original sensual notes. I bought this one in Paris and couldn't be happier with the scent. It's classic. Also, it's a bit strong so I just need two sprays and I'm good for a whole evening which means the perfume lasts me a while.

four: La Petite Robe Noire - Guerlain | A beautiful romantic scent without being overpowering. Notes of black cherry and berries with a shadow of black tea and licorice. It's the perfect scent for an evening out or a bolder day scent. I bought mine in Florida last year and my mom had it engraved for me because the bottle is so beautiful.


Any recommendations on perfumes? I'd love to try some new ones out!