Beauty | Drugstore Thrills

Send me off to Target for milk and eggs and I come back fully loaded with half of the beauty section in my bags. It's dangerous but I love trying out drugstore products and love even more when they end up working so wonderfully. Finding a product that works and is under $10 is like casually running into Leonardo DiCaprio while out getting your morning Starbucks (Disclaimer: This has only happened to me in my dreams but I can imagine the thrill). So, here are some of my favorite beauty products from the drugstore isles.


St. Ives Spray Lotion | This stuff is so grand I can't live without it now. I love the Coconut scent which is very minimal and not overpowering and the spray feature is so ideal. One swoop around your body after a shower you're good to go. Fair warning - since it is a spray be cautious of where you apply 'cause if you miss your body it will be all over your bathroom mirror which is not so fun to clean up after. I advise hopping back into your shower after towel drying off and doing it in there so things don't get messy.

(Buy here).

Urban Outfitter Nail Polish | So this product may not be from the drugstore but it's inexpensive and awesome. I'm amazed at how I've spent over $30 for 'designer' nail polishes and they chip off almost the same day that I put them on. I don't know what it is about this nail polish but it seriously lasts forever. Plus, they have a great array of colors so if you want to try a funky color like this orange without spending too much I say UO is the best option. (Buy here).

EOS Lip Balm | Ever since Miley sported EOS in her We Can't Stop Video, I've seen them at every drugstore. I'm totally ok with it because this is the best Lip Balm I've ever purchased. Goes on smooth, love the little design and it really does a nice job of moisturizing. My favorite scent is the light green sweet mint. Smells great and it's easy to just toss in my purse. I can't get enough. (Buy here).

Cover Girl Mascara | I'm a huge fan of drugstore mascaras. Mostly because I like to replace them almost every month so paying $8 is ideal. Not to mention I feel like they just work so well. Love this 'Flamed Out' Mascara - I get it in Very Black - it really makes my lashes look nice and long and lasts almost all day. It's not flakey either when it drys so my eyes don't get itchy midday. (Buy here).


What are your favorite drugstore buys? Any suggestions on more amazing products - I'd love to hear about them!