Design: Mecca Cosmetica

I'm a sucker for good packaging...

I always toyed with the idea of studying graphic design because I find it incredibly fascinating. Creating and designing a brand's identity - you are helping them put their best foot forward. I enjoy this the most when it comes to product and packaging design. It's thrilling to me when I open up a well labeled box with my cute product sitting pretty inside. I get even more excited when I can keep the packaging as a 'decorative' part to my product or even better, when I can actually use it (I'm talking about you Glossier, with your cute little pink pouches).

I recently stumbled upon this design concept for Mecca Cosmetica out of Australia designed by Fabio Ongarato. "Simple and bold" as they say, with a beautifully poetic type flowing across the sides...

Any recommendations for great products with great packaging??

Let me know!

+ Images via Fabio Ongarato Design