STYLE: A Case for the Bike Shorts

Don't roll your eyes just yet! I know, I know...the dreaded bike short trend. I get your initial reaction, it's a bit of a confused stare into your screen, right? I completely understand. However, I want to show you just how cool this look can be when worn in a none work-out way or with a tiny crop top. 


Here we have Fashion Editor Christine Centenera wearing them with a chic oversized blazer and a pair of amazing Céline shoes. The bike shorts aren't short, hitting right above the knee but the key here is how long this blazer is. Almost like a dress covering all the areas you'd like to have covered for a more formal/cool look. The heels are the perfect touch as well - keeping it modern and streamlined. 

Christine Centenera_BikeShorts_CycleShorts.jpg

Here we have Kendall Jenner with her mile long legs wearing bike shorts in a casual/airport chic way. I love the large oversized black hoodie and knee high cowboy boots. I think it's such a good look and again, covering up the bum with the long hoodie so that it doesn't feel like a work-out look. So far, I think going with all black pieces seems to work best. 


Another amazing look from Fashion Editor Christine Centenera. She clearly knows how to wear bike shorts correctly. This time doing an oversized blazer with a belted waist to give definition to the body. I love the chunky sandals and that the look is mostly black with a tad bit of color. It's cool.

Diana Bike Shorts diana-spencer-lady-diana.jpg

If you're not sold on the look yet...

remember Princess Diana herself wore this trend years ago and looked incredible. Oversized Harvard hoodie and sneakers, it's ICONIC. I'm here for it.  







Any thoughts on the Bike Short trend? Are you less confused now or more? At least if you want to try the looks out bike shorts can be found at super affordable prices. I don't love spending a ton of money on trends so if I can try a trend without breaking the bank - why not!?


BIKE SHORTS • here, here, here, here, and here / OVERSIZED BLAZER • here, here, and here / OVERSIZED HOODIE • here, here, and here

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ON TREND: The Transparent Bag

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 9.56.22 PM.png

Surprisingly, I'm really loving this transparent bag trend!

It's a super fun take on some classic styles like the Chanel flap bag and the Hermes Kelly. The price point is way more agreeable as well so if you're looking for a new bag for spring without dropping a huge dollar on it, this would be a great option! Although, I have listed the Chanels in here which are still at a very Chanel-y price tag (ugh), but they were way too pretty not to include. In the picture above, I love how Leandra Medine of Man Repeller doubled up on bags by mixing a color inside a clear. Looks great aesthetically and might give you a bit more privacy if you don't love showing off everything you carry in your purse. 

What are your thought!? Do you love the Transparent bag or is it too 'exposed'?

Other Options:

Urban Outfitters / Staud / TopShop / Zara / Zara / Madewell

+ pic via Leandra Medine