Chloé Handbags for Barney's New York by Billy Kidd

If you've been following me since my previous blog (which if you have, THANK YOU), you would know my love for photographer Billy Kidd. If you haven't, he is one of my greatest inspirations. Genius man. He mixes fine art photography and fashion photography in such a beautiful way and takes the most killer portraits. I could talk about him for hours and I think I scroll through his website almost everyday for inspiration. He recently did a shoot featuring this season's Chloé bags for Barney's New York and it's well, perfect.

The bags, the photography, the minimal white dress and background. Could this be anymore amazing? I seriously had a moment of pure bliss flipping through these pics. I tried on the last two bags when I was in New York last weekend and they are stunning. Perfectly structured with just the right amount of hardware. Definitely an investment bag. I've been thinking of purchasing this bag for evening. It's the perfect size for going out and is just the right amount of simplicity and elegance.

Find Chloé bags at Barneys and Bergdorfs.

Also make sure to check out more of Billy Kidd's incredible work here.