The Caramel Coat.

Recently, caramel has been on my mind. I'm not just talking about the candy, but this rich, creamy color is everywhere this Fall season and I'm absolutely smitten.  Something about this color looks so sophisticated and polished. For me, it's like the brown of blacks, as in, this is probably the only tone of brown that I absolutely love wearing. It really suits all skin colors and looks so great matched with black skinnies. Very Parisian chic I believe which is the best sort of chic to be. Non? | tumblr | tumblr


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My favorite of these three jacket's has to be the AllSaints. The collar is super flattering and it has a beautiful fitted shape. I'm petite so the length on this coat was great, no alterations needed. Living in Colorado has made me acquire many coats and I was not planning on buying a new one this season but I feel like this one might just be worth it. What do you think about the Caramel Coat?