Inside Samir Shahid's Minimal Home.

'“At work, I have so much stuff around me,” Shahid explains. “And then you come here and it’s serene, calm.” This strict aesthetic applies throughout the apartment, from the streamlined kitchen to the shower taps in the master bath.'

I remember bookmarking this interview forever again but I always look back at it as an inspirationional interior. The sleek, minimal apartment is a breath of fresh air. Everything has a place and a purpose.  

“I always use the words ‘simplicity’ and ‘direct,’ ” he says.

'To enter Shahid’s three-story prewar apartment in Greenwich Village is to understand those words, and to get the sense that success has bought him something else: silence. In a way, it is a reaction to the demanding whirl of fashion. He has created a nearly empty setting in which even his most soul-satisfying possessions — books, art — are banished from sight behind doors that blend seamlessly with the walls. It’s as though he has chosen to contain his passions in order to clear his head and, at the same time, draw out the openness of the space.'


Full story and images from 'Behind Sam Shahid's Closed Doors' for The New York Times - it's definitely worth the read! 

7 East 71st Street

The Row is opening a store in NYC and it's even more beautiful than you could imagine...

I wouldn't have expected anything other than perfection for their store as they do with their clothing. A luxurious space with stunning details, design, and textures. I can't wait to visit. Read the full interview with Mary-Kate and Ashley over on

+ Images via Photographed by François Halard / Courtesy of The Row


Interior: Marble Kitchen

Nothing like a beautiful marble kitchen to inspire you to cook every meal from scratch. I love cooking and currently am residing in an old Victorian home with a tiny galley kitchen where I can barely open the oven cause it'll hit some cabinets. So, clearly I spend a lot of times fawning over kitchens on Pinterest. I stumbled upon this lovely one with an incredible amount of marble. Love how it carries through to the sink, back splash, and a shelf for displaying some elegant glass pieces and all your cookbooks. Somewhat masculine but with refined feminine touches - this is kind of a dream kitchen for a couple. I'm sure both parties would be happy cooking in here.

ONE: Decorating with a dark glass vase for an elegant look. I'd add some white flowers to give some life to the kitchen. These come in various styles and sizes so adding a couple more for a nice collection to display on the shelf.

TWO: Can't have a kitchen without a wine decanter for those lovely dinner parties you'll be throwing.

THREE: My mom just recently bought this Plenty More Cookbook and I'm so tempted to 'borrow' it from her, long term....really great recipes and beautiful images to go along with. You'll want to cook every single meal from this book.

FOUR: Nothing like a great solid wood cutting board for chopping up all those fresh veggies.

FIVE: Love this cute little Hand-carved Jam Spatula.

SIX: A simple glass pitcher for serving up some delicious drinks or water and fresh lemon. Nice to mix it up and use it as a vase as well.

SEVEN: Love the idea of a fine art piece hanging in the kitchen. A simple still life to add to the most important room in the house.