Earspo • Minimal

I discovered this image below on Pinterest and was struggling to find the source (the worst!). One day I was on Madewell's Instagram and low and behold - I found it! Turns out this is jewelry designer Caroline Ventura of BRVTVS (Pronunciation: \ˈbrü-təs\). Ventura creates the most beautiful delicate pieces with both feminine and masculine touches. Her ear is perfect. That sounds strange - let me rephrase - more like, her ear decor is perfection. I recently got a third piercing on my ears so I'm slowly making my way to a decorated ear like hers. I absolutely love the all gold pieces with a touch of black diamond - stunning! I want to order some pieces from BRVTVS as well as from designers Sarah & Sebastian. They make some incredible earrings (and rings) - all very delicate and charming.


ONE: Love these tiny dot earrings by Kathleen Whitaker. They are the epitome of simplicity. (Buy here.)

TWO: These simple lines are great to wear vertically or horizontally. Edgy and chic. (Buy here.)

THREE: These cluster earrings by Sarah & Sebastian are my favorite. I can't wait to order mine. (Buy here.)