Weekend Inspiration: 3.

Absolutely smitten over holiday colored flower crowns lately. I think I had my fill of them for a while when they were seen at every music festival imaginable and I completely blame Lana Del Rey - it's ok though girlfriend, cause now we have creatives who have made these beautiful flower crowns and I absolutely love them.

I'm thinking about making one for myself for Christmas - wearing it with an oversized knit or a simple black dress will really make it pop. I'll keep you all updated if I venture into craftmaking.

PH: tumblr | pinterest  

PH: tumblr | pinterest

What do you all think of these flower crowns? Or have you had enough of them?

Want to try and venture to make one with moi? This is the best tutorial I've found on youtube - simple and easy to follow steps and explanations. Check it out HERE.

Let me know if you try it and e-mail me pics or tag me in your instagram pictures - I would love to see them!!


Holiday Gift Guide: The Perfect Houseguest

The Holidays are quickly approaching and we are just about to start getting our fill of pumpkin pie. Best part of the holidays - in my opinion - is gathering together with friends and family. Whether it be in your own home or you visiting  someone's home the time spent together is something incredible special - with a side of crazy if you're speaking about my family. If you are visiting someone's home for the holidays it's polite to bring them a little present. There is a lot of work that goes behind preparing a meal or for visitors so take that into consideration when choosing a gift for your host. These are my picks for most appropriate gifts to give and ones that will be appreciated - I'm sure - by your oh so gracious host. 


ONE: Candles - I LOVE candles, to an overwhelming point where my mom asks me to blow some out cause I'm burning too many at one time in my room. Lighting a candle just sets a mood of relaxation and when vanilla and musk fills your room - there is nothing more comforting. This is my number one gift to give on any occassion - guaranteed your host will love it. Just be cautious with the scents - don't go for something odd like 'black sand' cause no one wants to know what the heck that smells like. [Diptyque Candel Mimosa | Options: 1. | 2. | 3. | 4. ]


TWO: For the darling in the kitchen, get him or her a beautiful apron. One with an elegant pattern or just a simple black is a surprisingly nice gift for those who think of all the mouths they will feed over the holidays before their own. [Gold and White Apron | Options: 1. | 2. ]


THREE: I'm a big fan of champagne glasses. They have an air of elegance to them even if you're just cheers-ing away in the kitchen. To take them up a notch for your host - buy some fun modern flutes. These inside out champagne flutes are so pretty! If you can - try to bring a bottle of Veuve to the party as well. Also, don't forget that glassware comes in even numbers so buy either two or four (or six - you get the picture). [Inside Out Champagne Glasses | Options: 1. | 2. | 3. ]


FOUR: A sturdy cutting board is always needed in a kitchen so buying one made of a beautiful wood like this is really special. It can have multiple purposes - for cutting, serving, or displaying. I love this one from Crate & Barrel made from driftwood - the tone of the wood is really stunning. [Heritage Driftwood Cutting Board | Options: 1. | 2. ]


So there you have my Houseguest Gift Guide! Hope it makes the holidays a little easier for you as you show your gratitude!