Sunday Bliss

My Sunday Bliss.

I think it's been a while since I sat done and read a magazine from cover to cover.

Loved Elle's February issue. My favorite article was probably on new head designer of Gap, Rebekka Bay by Carl Swanson. Really awesome read and very inspiring as to how one person can change an iconic brand for the better as well as a peek inside Bay's incredible career.

Hope everyone is having a happy Sunday!


Photographer | Alice Gao

I am absolutely smitten with photographer Alice Gao. As a photographer myself (I studied it in college) I learned from a more fine art perspective and to be honest I never really thought there was another way to photograph professionally. I mean I knew there were people taking pictures of food and interiors for magazines but to call them photographers didn't cross my mind. Well, low and behold my ignorant mind got much of a shock when I took interest in advertising. One thing led to another and suddenly I knew lifestyle photography was something I would love to pursue.

Alice Gao was one of the first people I followed when I got instagram and I can definitely say - no regrets on that decision. Gao's blog is just as stunning. Her images are so so beautiful they make my day. She photographs food and interiors and a bit of fashion which I love - I truly aspire to take images like her.

PH:  Alice Gao

When I first got hired at one of my internships she had made a small visit to Denver to see my bosses and tour the city a little. Check out her blog post about it HERE. You can get a small taste of my beautiful city!

I highly suggest you follow her BLOG and INSTAGRAM feed - you will love waking up to her beautiful images, trust me.