Jennie Kwon 2015

Lusting over all the new pieces from Jennie Kwon for Fall/Winter 2015....


Kwon's designs are simple and elegant as always with dainty details and minimal jewels. I don't think there is a piece in this collection that I wouldn't wear ~ everything is stunning. Love the simplicity of the Look Book as well...the styling is very elegantly done.

Favorite pieces ~ this stacked diamond cuff ring, the E.W.O Ring, White Equilibrium Cuff Ring

Shop Jennie Kwon HERE & HERE.

Earspo • Minimal

I discovered this image below on Pinterest and was struggling to find the source (the worst!). One day I was on Madewell's Instagram and low and behold - I found it! Turns out this is jewelry designer Caroline Ventura of BRVTVS (Pronunciation: \ˈbrü-təs\). Ventura creates the most beautiful delicate pieces with both feminine and masculine touches. Her ear is perfect. That sounds strange - let me rephrase - more like, her ear decor is perfection. I recently got a third piercing on my ears so I'm slowly making my way to a decorated ear like hers. I absolutely love the all gold pieces with a touch of black diamond - stunning! I want to order some pieces from BRVTVS as well as from designers Sarah & Sebastian. They make some incredible earrings (and rings) - all very delicate and charming.


ONE: Love these tiny dot earrings by Kathleen Whitaker. They are the epitome of simplicity. (Buy here.)

TWO: These simple lines are great to wear vertically or horizontally. Edgy and chic. (Buy here.)

THREE: These cluster earrings by Sarah & Sebastian are my favorite. I can't wait to order mine. (Buy here.)

Another Feather.

Currently loving the beautiful handcrafted pieces by designer Hannah Ferrara of Another Feather.


Each piece of Another Feather jewelry is hand crafted by Asheville-based maker and artist Hannah Ferrara. Inspired by her travels, the mountains she lives near, and an appreciation for well made objects and heirlooms. Her line includes simple everyday adornments, as well as one of a kind metal made jewelry. She uses traditional metal smithing techniques and tools to craft each item, using recycled metals from sustainable sources. Each piece of jewelry is made with care and given special attention to detail, embracing natural imperfections of the hand at work.

All jewelry is handcrafted in our North Carolina studio. 


Love their simplicity - perfect for layering and adding to any jewelry collection. I'm hoping to order some for myself this holiday - the two pictured above are my absolute favorite.

Check out more stunning images HERE and SHOP them as well.

Oh - and don't forget to check out Ferrara's BLOG, it's just as beautiful as the pieces she creates.