W Magazine feat. Kirsten Dunst

Summer Pleasures - Incredible spread for W Magazine featuring the forever lovely Kirsten Dunst. I'm a huge huge Sofia Coppola fan, like I watch her movies religiously and sometimes day dream that my life is a Coppola movie. Yes, I love her that much. So, when I heard that she was guest editor for this issue I was so excited. To make it even better, the feature was shot by one of my ultimate favorite photographers Juergen Teller. I'm in my own little heaven right now - all my favorites wrapped up into one amazing fashion shoot.

Love the vibe of these images and I'm still captivated by Dunst. I watched The Virgin Suicides yesterday on Netflix and felt really inspired by the screenplay and cinematography. Dunst is such a (semi)innocent young beauty and Coppola creates these incredible dream worlds with perfect camera angles - I would love to live inside her head just for a day.

Coppola interviews Dunst on WMagazine.com and it's really great to see how she has matured as an actress and her personal decisions on choosing roles and her future. Dunst grew up acting and seems to be extremely comfortable with herself and her roles which I find very admirable. Read it here.


Wearing Louis Vuitton, Chloé, and Michael Kors this shoot is beautifully styled. Her hair looks so great and I love the bright red lip.

Don't forget to read the interview - it's really wonderful. For more from W Magazine check out www.wmagazine.com and buy your issue on newsstands.


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