MAJOR love | Love Aesthetics

I'm crushin. Crushin hard on a fab lady - her name? Ivania Carpio. She is the white queen of minimalism - yes this is exactly what I think of her and I mean it with the utmost respect. Her blog is everything to me - LOVE AESTHETICS - I'm so inspired by her work and creativity. With her amazing grey hair and white nails, I cannot get enough! Her blog is incredible clean and white - it's just

Carpio is a lover of DIY which I think is great cause I can be so inept sometimes (I drew blood screwing a screw the other day - don't ask). They are very do-able as in I'm not scared to try one of them unlike most Pinterest DIYs that look absolutely terrifying and I can always predict they are going to go horribly wrong, which is usually what happens.

She recently made her own clothing stands which are so chic - I can't even deal - as well as some cute little handy felt pockets for this and that which were so loved by the Mason Martin Margiela fragrance division that they commissioned her to create them for their fashion press in The Netherlands and Belgium. How crazy is that! Good for you, girl. You deserve this awesome recognition.


This is just a tiny taste of her blog so I highly suggest you go check it out - LOVE AESTHETICS. Guaranteed you'll spend hours going through her posts, I know I did the first time I discovered it. So grab a cup of coffee - or tea - and explore her little wonderland.