October Mood Board


Fall is finally here and October has begun. Feels very different when you’re living somewhere tropical and the temperature doesn’t drop the way you’d like it to! Still getting used to this whole island living but slowly, it’s feeling more and more like home. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to make our space as Fall as I can! Switching out fruity/summer-y candles for deep scents that remind me of Winter and a crackling fire. Thinking of doing a round-up of my favorite Fall candles to help everyone get in the mood! Until then, enjoy this October Mood Board

xx MK

images via Tumblr/vogue.com/Pinterest

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Mood Board 01.23.17

Happy New Year! 

I realize it's been over a month since my last post so I figured my first post back should be on theme with one of my favorite pastimes - mood boards! 

I find creating and looking at mood boards to be really inspiring for my creative process. I've recently started using the 'bookmark' feature on Instagram to make mood boards or just save the images I find inspiring and check back to them often. 

So, cheers to a new year with many more mood boards and definitely most posts. Make sure to bookmark my page and subscribe through Bloglovin and follow along on my other channels! 



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