Drew Ginsburg. Haven't heard the name? Let me advise you. Drew Ginsburg is the jewelry layering genius and extremely stylish girl behind the blog ME AND LEX. Ginsburg's INSTAGRAM has become her playground mostly though - a place where she shows off her brilliance at layering jewelry and creating custom pieces for herself. She takes apart new and vintage jewelry and pieces them back together to create incredible necklaces. I am normally very minimal when it comes to layering but Ginsburg just gets it and flaunts it . I'm jealous of her creativity in making some of the most stunning pieces of jewelry I have ever seen. After much persistence from her loyal instagram followers - Ginsburg has come out with six different necklaces for purchase. Crafted with antiqued Swarovski crystals, coins, and even detailed with Indian filigree. These statement necklaces are truly - a work of art.



These are so incredible - I want every piece! 

Make sure to check out her website where you can buy them, www..dylanlex.com and her Instagram where you can see how amazing she is at layering and styling her pieces. Ripped shirts, skinny jeans, high and low designer pieces, this girl is insane - and I mean that in the best way possible. She has brought the term cool girl to a whole 'nother level in my book.