INTERIOR: 75007 Paris, Rue du Bac

I am fascinated by interior restoration and remodeling. When I stumbled upon A+B Kasha website, I spent almost an entire day looking through their work. Based in Paris, A+B Kasha is a real estate and design firm working solely on restoring and selling luxury apartments and flats. Here is a small peek into one of their projects...

Located on the 3rd floor of a historic 17th century private mansion, this elegant two-bedroom apartment boasts splendid views, and a courtyard garden.

Really beautiful work by A+ B Kasha

I could spend hours on their site just browsing through all their incredible work throughout the city of Paris. I love how they show the process and details of not only restoring the aesthetic of the interiors but the hardware and everything behind the walls. I can't imagine how intense this process may be since they are working with old buildings that need to be updated. It's seriously so fascinating to me! 

Check out more from this pied-a-terre here, as well as more of their work on interiors here. Let me know if you decide to purchase one of these beauties, I would be happy to join in the investment! One can never go wrong with living in Paris. 

Let Them Eat Cake

Taking a moment to finally post about the newly renovated Ritz Carlton in my favorite city in the world, Paris. Trés chic, is an understatement. Interior Designer Thierry Despont brought all that is luxe and the epitome of glamour a la Marie Antoinette.

With a pastel color palette that will make you dream of cakes and French macaroons on a bed fit for a queen. I'm sure there is plenty of champagne to go around while you spend your day lounging in one of these incredible rooms. Pop a bottle or two during your stay at this iconic location in the most amazing city of lights and love. I mean, can I plan a trip where half of it is just spent enjoying my hotel room? What a dream that would be.


+ Images via by Mikael Jansson

Book your stay here and if you'd like me to come along, I wouldn't mind an adventure in Paris!

Au Revoir!


Martin Margiela's All-White Maison

"It is the stuff of fashion legends..." - A white mansion I could only dream of visiting. This ideal space is home to none other than the fashion house of Margiela. With a unique history as interesting as the design house itself, the mansion has a wonderful story of it's journey through restoration and becoming a home to the Margiela team. Don't let me spoil all it's secrets though...

Read the full story HERE.

Currently my favorite pieces from Margiela ~


+ Images by Daniel Stier / Story via AnOther Magazine


Comme Des Garçons + Junya Watanabe

I was absolutely thrilled to visit the Comme Des Garçons store in Paris during my last visit . I had heard it was an incredibly well decorated interior and the clothes would not disappoint. Of course every Comme piece was super cool with the iconic stripes and heart logo but my favorites were the collaboration pieces with Designer Junya Watanabe. Geometric forms and shapes with coats that encompassed the body as if you were bundling up in a cocoon. It was really a stunning collection of art. I couldn't help but try on every piece!

Some pieces I struggled even to understand what was happening, but that made them so much cooler? I can't even imagine the creative thoughts that must come through Watanabe's head to produce such well made items of clothing. Really exciting experience and if you're in Paris, make sure to stop by - it will not disappoint.



COMME DES GARÇONS - 54 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris, France

Phone:+33 1 53 30 27 27

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+ Images by Mindy Erazo & Jen Schmitz