Perles Collection by Sophie Bille Brahe.

When I think of pearls the word classic comes to mind. Timeless and sophisticated also could be said about a set of perfectly white pearl earrings. Some may even argue a bit more mature, or even - dare I say - grandma status. Well, the classic pearl earrings have taken a turn, for the modern. Jewelry designer Sophie Bille Brahe has created a stunning collection that has made me think twice on the 'grandma' or 'someone who wears too many polos' status of pearls. The designs are pretty simple, which stays true to the classic pearl but there is something a little edgier about the pieces that looks so youthful and pretty amazing if you ask me. I can't even handle it. I want every piece.



Something about the gold bars mixed with the pearls is so fantastic. This is such an incredible collection, and the lookbook is featuring one of my favorite models which is just the cherry on top of a beautiful pearl filled cake - ya know! 

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