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I am seriously in love with the pastel hair trend. I know it's been off and on for a couple seasons but if you have the blonde locks to do it I would say go for it - even if it's only for a couple weeks. It's so fun and playful and can look really beautiful if done correctly. I wish more than anything I had blonde hair just so I could color it purple or light pink but my brown tresses would be killed if I tried going through the bleaching process. Could it be worth it?

Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin

I got excited all over again when I heard Ireland Baldwin died her hair purple and then next thing I know - so has the darling Nicole Richie. Ahhh - I want! Have any of you tried the colored trend?

I found this awesome blog post on Nasty Gal for hair chalk! Another great way to get these fun colors minus the permanent, bleaching part. A lot safer, especially if you are unsure about the color. Check out the post here.