The Romantic and Relaxed Bun.

A beautiful bun for those days a pony just doesn't cut it. I love this look because it can be dressed up or down and even accessorized with a pin or two. I wore this look to church the other day and was happy that even with the heat it held up pretty well for most of the day.

Here's an amazing step-by-step guide by the hair and skin geniuses over at Sans [ceuticals] :


Start off with clean hair...

Randomly section your hair as ‘zig-zagging’ helps give a tousled, natural effect. Be sure to tong the very ends of hair too.

Once set, remove the pins and with your hands gently massage and break up the solid curl. You now have the perfect foundation.

Tuck hair behind your ears, leaving some pieces a little wispy and loose.

Secure each tonged section with a pin and allow to set.                                                         


Tilt your head back and loosely tie off at the base of the neck with elastic before looping the ends of your hair into the elastic.

I really love this romantic bun. Like I said - I believe it could easily work for a day or night look, dressed up or down. I love how they did a deeper side-part which I think gives it a more elegant effect yet it's nicely softened by these relaxed curls. When my hair was setting I just did my makeup and got ready so it wasn't very time consuming which I am all about.


For more amazing tutorials check out Sans Style as well as their awesome list of all natural, pure body and hair products. J'ai t'aime beaucoup, Sans [ceuticals].