Inside Samir Shahid's Minimal Home.

'“At work, I have so much stuff around me,” Shahid explains. “And then you come here and it’s serene, calm.” This strict aesthetic applies throughout the apartment, from the streamlined kitchen to the shower taps in the master bath.'

I remember bookmarking this interview forever again but I always look back at it as an inspirationional interior. The sleek, minimal apartment is a breath of fresh air. Everything has a place and a purpose.  

“I always use the words ‘simplicity’ and ‘direct,’ ” he says.

'To enter Shahid’s three-story prewar apartment in Greenwich Village is to understand those words, and to get the sense that success has bought him something else: silence. In a way, it is a reaction to the demanding whirl of fashion. He has created a nearly empty setting in which even his most soul-satisfying possessions — books, art — are banished from sight behind doors that blend seamlessly with the walls. It’s as though he has chosen to contain his passions in order to clear his head and, at the same time, draw out the openness of the space.'


Full story and images from 'Behind Sam Shahid's Closed Doors' for The New York Times - it's definitely worth the read!