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Found a beautiful pastel color story over on Smitten Studio the other day. The lovely creator behind the blog, Sarah Samuel recently visited Miami and took some incredible photographs on South Beach. They turned into a wonderful pastel color story which is making me crave a trip to the beach.

via Smitten Studio // Sarah Sherman Samuel

via Smitten Studio // Sarah Sherman Samuel

I'm suddenly extremely anxious to get to a beach or just travel in general so hopefully I get a chance to do that this summer. Also, how much do you want to be lounging in one of this pink beach chairs right now? Excuse me while I daydream for a second....le sigh.


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Thanks bunches!

Travel Diaries | East Coast

Sometimes, you just need a vacation.

I'm at that moment - so, I decided to take a trip to Boston and New York City. I seriously have such a love for the east coast and have strongly considered moving there but as of now - 10 days will suffice.

I'm excited to just take some time to go see museums, eat till my pants can't fit, and explore these wonderful cities!

I have visited before, many times actually but it's always nice to discover new places so I would love if any of you have suggestions for boutiques or coffee shops, restaurants, anything! I'd love to hear it!

I'll be bringing my computer with me - mostly for editing pictures so my updating might be minimal this next week but make sure to follow my twitter and instagram for daily musings.