Winter Hair Care

It's that time of year...where moisturizing everything from my head to my toes two to three times a day is literally on my 'to-do' list. Everything is so dry and my skin gets so sad. Even though I drink more than my body weight in water, it just never seems to be enough, especially for my hair. So, out goes my light airy summer products and in come the big guns...

I am a huge fan of Phyto products after my friend introduced me to Phyto 9 Nourishing day cream. I literally felt like I had a hair transplant because my ends were almost instantly transformed. To be honest, my hair hasn't been the same since I decided to drastically change it by going grey (remember that?). Sigh, I'm still trying to bring it back to, healthy as I can get it since I still use heat styling about every other day.

1. I start by washing my hair with Phytojoba Intense hydrating brilliance Shampoo. Smells amazing and really deeply cleans your scalp which I need since I usually use a day or two of dry shampoo and never want residue.

2. After Shampooing, every week I try to do an intense hydrating hair conditioning mask. Phyto Extreme Exceptional Mask. After using this product, I've seen a significant difference in my ends especially. Nothing I hate more than having to cut more off my ends cause they are too dry and this mask has helped dramatically. Leave in for about 20 minutes on towel dried hair OR if you can, leave it in over night and wash out in the morning. *NOTE: If you have thin hair, I would not put this product into your roots/ will make your hair greasy! I usually put it from mid-hair length, down to the ends.

3. While hair is still a bit damp after washing out the exceptional mask, add the Phyto 9 Nourishing Cream to your ends. Great thing about this product is you can add it to dry hair as well and your hair literally soaks it all in without any sticky residue. I use this before putting in a little Moroccan oil + added styling products. Use the Nourishing Cream as a base before other products for hydration. Unfortunately, no protection with this creme but you can just layer a heat protection product on top of it.

Phyto is available at Sephora and I've even found some products at my local CVS! If you buy through Sephora though you can get your awesome reward points, yay perks!



Phyto Brilliance Shampoo / Phyto Exceptional Mask / Phyto 9 Nourishing Cream 

* This is not a sponsored post.