INTERIORS: Light and Airy Bungalow

Well, I thought I was going to start the year off strong. Instead, I came down with a cold and then an ear infection so I’ve spent the last 7 days in bed….it’s been wonderful! haha so I’m just now feeling a little bit better and had the energy to come up with a quick post.

Ben and I are moving soon and I’ve been gathering a lot of inspiration for what we want our home to look like! We still have no clue where we will be living exactly but it’s always nice to start off with some ideas of how we’d like our space to be. I’m hoping we can find a place that is bright and open with at least 2 bedrooms and bathrooms. Where are we moving to you may ask? Well, I will also be sharing that very soon, promise! In the meantime, here is a beautiful home I found that has a lot of elements that I love. It’s Scandinavian with a touch of California cool. I’ve always enjoyed Scandinavian interior design and have wanted to push those style elements more in our home so I think this is a good start.


It’s white and bight with great mixes of different colored wood. Not too fussy, just clean, simple and chic. I’m trying to minimize our home to feel very homey but also not cluttered. We tend to gather a lot of unnecessary stuff and my goal is to clear out the excess. I used to save candle boxes and good packaging for no particular reason other than I liked the boxes but they had no use! I’m trying to move away from that and just keep what is needed/sparks joy (Marie Kondo - anyone? lol).


I love this living space. It feels very inviting! I love how big the coffee table is as well. It’s reachable from every seat which I think makes a space feel more accessible. Nothing worse than a tiny coffee table and having to reach over to set your coffee or champagne down!


This outdoor area is also so beautiful! I dream of having an outdoor living space for entertaining. The mix of concrete and blues and grays feels like an extension of the family and dinning room. Imagine having a dinner party here?! ugh. Need it!

What are your favorite interior design elements? Would love to hear what you guys love!

Images via Dwelling Collective / Design by Thea Home, Inc.