INTERIORS: Light and Airy Bungalow

Well, I thought I was going to start the year off strong. Instead, I came down with a cold and then an ear infection so I’ve spent the last 7 days in bed….it’s been wonderful! haha so I’m just now feeling a little bit better and had the energy to come up with a quick post.

Ben and I are moving soon and I’ve been gathering a lot of inspiration for what we want our home to look like! We still have no clue where we will be living exactly but it’s always nice to start off with some ideas of how we’d like our space to be. I’m hoping we can find a place that is bright and open with at least 2 bedrooms and bathrooms. Where are we moving to you may ask? Well, I will also be sharing that very soon, promise! In the meantime, here is a beautiful home I found that has a lot of elements that I love. It’s Scandinavian with a touch of California cool. I’ve always enjoyed Scandinavian interior design and have wanted to push those style elements more in our home so I think this is a good start.


It’s white and bight with great mixes of different colored wood. Not too fussy, just clean, simple and chic. I’m trying to minimize our home to feel very homey but also not cluttered. We tend to gather a lot of unnecessary stuff and my goal is to clear out the excess. I used to save candle boxes and good packaging for no particular reason other than I liked the boxes but they had no use! I’m trying to move away from that and just keep what is needed/sparks joy (Marie Kondo - anyone? lol).


I love this living space. It feels very inviting! I love how big the coffee table is as well. It’s reachable from every seat which I think makes a space feel more accessible. Nothing worse than a tiny coffee table and having to reach over to set your coffee or champagne down!


This outdoor area is also so beautiful! I dream of having an outdoor living space for entertaining. The mix of concrete and blues and grays feels like an extension of the family and dinning room. Imagine having a dinner party here?! ugh. Need it!

What are your favorite interior design elements? Would love to hear what you guys love!

Images via Dwelling Collective / Design by Thea Home, Inc.

At Home With: Designer Raphaël Van Gend

Touring the beautiful home of Belgian-born Designer, Raphaël Van Gend. 

Take a peek into his stunning home in Brussels. 

Despite an intense attention to detail, the 1920s house is uncluttered to the point of emptiness. ‘‘To me, an absence of things is peaceful,’’ Van Gend says. With a deft sense of composition, he arranged almost cinematic vignettes with a scarce amount of furniture chosen from a variety of periods: geometric brass sconces by the postwar Belgian designer Jules Wabbes, a square, patinated steel chair by the contemporary designer Franck Robichez and a creamy, undulating sofa by Pierre Paulin, originally manufactured in the late ’60s. When he couldn’t find an armchair to complement the sofa, he designed a swiveling leather captain’s chair upholstered in Kvadrat fabric. He also re-envisioned the room’s intricate floor, polishing the interlocking grid of tiles custom-cut from solid chips of oak into a pale finish.

A beautiful space that's absolutely pristine. For how minimal and white everything is, I somehow find this space to feel very inviting. I could compare it to a Gallery space that reels you into the details of a piece of work. I want to study that sofa, walk around it, take it all in. Although, I would find it too terrifying to actually take a seat as if it were an art piece. However, Gend's studio is another story. I want to touch everything in there. Study the pencil and notebooks he has layed out on his desk to maybe get a bit of a glimpse into his creative mindset. It's truly an inspirational space. 

View more images and read more about Raphaël Van Gend online via The New York Times, here. 

Martin Margiela's All-White Maison

"It is the stuff of fashion legends..." - A white mansion I could only dream of visiting. This ideal space is home to none other than the fashion house of Margiela. With a unique history as interesting as the design house itself, the mansion has a wonderful story of it's journey through restoration and becoming a home to the Margiela team. Don't let me spoil all it's secrets though...

Read the full story HERE.

Currently my favorite pieces from Margiela ~


+ Images by Daniel Stier / Story via AnOther Magazine


Miss me?

Ohhhh gosh, how I've missed blogging and all of you lovely readers!

I've been off in Spain and recently returned home so I'm catching up on e-mails and trying to get back into the flow of work and blogging again...

Meanwhile, at the airports and on airplanes - I got to catch up on some books and magazines which was actually very exciting to me since I don't make as much time for them now as I used to. Just to note that the new PORTER magazine is absolutely fabulous. Definitely worth picking up a copy.

I'll be doing a post on my travels for you all soon but in the meantime I'll leave you with an amazing interior inspiration from a chic restaurant we found in Madrid. It's basically a dream living room with cocktails forever being served in the prettiest of glasses (oh, what a life that would be!)

Ana La Santa

Madrid, España (Hotel ME)

Plaza de Santa Ana 14,

28012 Madrid.

A must place to visit for lunch or late night cocktails or simply for some great interior inspiration.

I'll write more soon, promise!


Interior: Marble Kitchen

Nothing like a beautiful marble kitchen to inspire you to cook every meal from scratch. I love cooking and currently am residing in an old Victorian home with a tiny galley kitchen where I can barely open the oven cause it'll hit some cabinets. So, clearly I spend a lot of times fawning over kitchens on Pinterest. I stumbled upon this lovely one with an incredible amount of marble. Love how it carries through to the sink, back splash, and a shelf for displaying some elegant glass pieces and all your cookbooks. Somewhat masculine but with refined feminine touches - this is kind of a dream kitchen for a couple. I'm sure both parties would be happy cooking in here.

ONE: Decorating with a dark glass vase for an elegant look. I'd add some white flowers to give some life to the kitchen. These come in various styles and sizes so adding a couple more for a nice collection to display on the shelf.

TWO: Can't have a kitchen without a wine decanter for those lovely dinner parties you'll be throwing.

THREE: My mom just recently bought this Plenty More Cookbook and I'm so tempted to 'borrow' it from her, long term....really great recipes and beautiful images to go along with. You'll want to cook every single meal from this book.

FOUR: Nothing like a great solid wood cutting board for chopping up all those fresh veggies.

FIVE: Love this cute little Hand-carved Jam Spatula.

SIX: A simple glass pitcher for serving up some delicious drinks or water and fresh lemon. Nice to mix it up and use it as a vase as well.

SEVEN: Love the idea of a fine art piece hanging in the kitchen. A simple still life to add to the most important room in the house.